For the Academic Year 2023-2024


SAC Committees

  • Executive Committee: SAC Co-Chairs, SAC Secretary, Representative to College Council, and Linda Irrthum & Sara Nielsen
  • Nominations and Elections: Andrea Kubinski
  • Special Events: Julie Buchwald, Tonja Clay, Robyn Durand, Grace Espinoza, Annie Larson, Sara Nielsen, Danielle Schultz, Beth Vivant
    • Encourages and facilitates an inclusive and active community of Carleton’s professional staff by organizing and hosting events, allowing staff to expand their relationships with each other. Develops a yearly calendar of events and assists with planning, advertising, and organizing these events, including set-up, food, registration, and answering questions. Continues to improve upon SAC’s special events, and develop new ways to attract members to events. The committee meets approximately 8-10 times per year for an hour or less. Each committee member is asked to help organize at least one event per year.
  • Staff Development: Julie Buchwald, Trenne Fields, Tom Niemisto, Cathy Osterman, Susan Shirk
    • Develops training and information sessions to keep biweekly staff informed about issues that affect their work, to provide overviews of certain College programs, or to present current topics of interest. The sessions may be held during SAC meetings, as a separate session, or over the lunch hour. This is an opportunity to share/present information and provide for SAC member networking. Notification of scheduled sessions is posted to the campus calendar and shared via e-mail.
  • Web Coordinator: Andrea Kubinski
    • Oversee the structure of and administrative access to the SAC website, in consultation with SAC Board. Communicate with ITS as needed. Maintain online lists of officers, committees, representatives, bylaws, etc. Assist officers and committees with the addition of information, events, and photos to the website. No regular meetings; duties require 30-60 minutes per month.

Representatives to College Committees

  • Benefits Committee and Retirement Plan Investment Review Committee: Sue Jandro
    • The College Benefits Committee is charged with monitoring benefits to all non-union employees of Carleton. Full description
  • Bookstore Committee: Jessica Zick
    • The Bookstore Committee exists to inform the campus on what is going on within the Bookstore as well as receive suggestions and feedback.
  • Campus Design Advisory Committee: Amy Gragg
    • The committee is to advise, through College Council, the President, and the senior staff on principles and long-range perspectives regarding broad campus design and physical plant issues. Meets 3-5 times per year (90 minutes each); usually once per term and once in summer. Full description
  • College Budget Committee: Mary Drew
    • Due to the specific timeline of the annual budget planning cycle the Budget Committee term begins on the first day of the Spring term and concludes at the end of the second Winter term. The Budget Committee advises the Vice President and Treasurer in the construction of the annual budget and in the development of a longer-term financial plan. Biweekly meetings during the academic year (90 minutes each). Full description
  • College Council: Erin Arntson
    • The mission of the Council is the development of policies in areas having to do with matters other than educational policy or curriculum. Full description
  • Community, Equity, and Diversity Initiative (CEDI): Mieux Williamsen
    • CEDI’s mission is to improve the campus community and promote equity and diversity on campus. Full description
  • Security Services Advisory Group: Brenda Hellen, Bryan Reed
    • The Security Services Advisory Group (SSAG) provides insight into Security Services’ practices and presence on campus. The group serves a role in Security Services’ strategy to Connect – Engage – Develop. Full description

Faculty Representative to SAC

Administrative Representative to SAC