The department offers three types of courses in English translation.

Survey Courses

  • Russian 150: Contemporary Russian Culture and Society

This course is offered annually, usually fall term, and it is designed especially for students who would like a broad survey of Russia today. This is a “writing-rich” course that also fulfills the RAD requirement and, like all of our other courses 240+ and 330+, counts towards fulfillment of the Arts & Literature Distribution requirement.

Other survey courses are offered on a rotation from year to year.

  • Russian 242: Short Prose
  • Russian 244: The Novel
  • Russian 255: History of Russian and Soviet Film
  • Russian 268: Russian Fiction of the Soviet Era

Topics Courses

Courses numbered 250 and above focus on other topics in Russian literature and culture in English translation. Recent offerings include:

  • Dostoevsky
  • War and Peace
  • Stepchild of the Empire

First Year Seminars

Courses numbered 100 are designed to provide an introduction to the liberal arts approach to learning and to encourage critical thinking, intellectual independence, and initiative in a setting providing maximum opportunity for individual participation. Recent Russian department offerings include:

  • St. Petersburg: Russia’s Window on Europe
  • Dostoevsky and His Times
  • Soviet Ethnics