Saira (“Саира”) Haqqi ’07

20 August 2017
By Saira Haqqi '07

I’m actually back in Minnesota, working as book and paper conservator at the Minnesota Historical Society as of February. I’ve been doing well, albeit not necessarily doing a lot with my (now sadly rather broken) Russian. After graduation, I moved to the DC area and did AmeriCorps Vista for a year, which led to several jobs as a grant-writer at various non-profits.

I initially had meant to pursue something more directly related with Russian but my options were limited since at the time I didn’t have citizenship and most of the relevant jobs in DC involved the government. Hence, grant-writing. After a few years, I decided to pursue library conservation, and last year I graduated with a double Masters in Art History and Art Conservation from NYU. I did get to use it, though, in doing research on Russian royal bindings of the 19th century a couple of years ago. I’d have loved to do a more in-depth paper on those, but I ended up getting a job instead. Бывает.

At MNHS, I’m responsible for the preservation of basically everything that involves paper. I’m still not doing much with Russian, but I do get to impress the lady who sells me pierogis at the farmer’s market, so there is that.