New Russian Language Associate

2 November 2007

The Russian Department would like to welcome Tanya Volkova, 21, to Carleton College for the 2007-2008 academic year. She is studying Russian as a foreign language and will resume her fifth and final year at Moscow State University after spending a year as Carleton’s Russian Language Associate. Tanya grew up in Istra, which is northwest of the Moscow region, but considers the capital to be her home.

She had heard of Carleton College through Summer School and was contacted by the head of the Philological Department about the opportunity. Tanya was interested in coming to the United States because she had “never seen how other people use” different teaching methods in foreign countries. While here, Tanya’s goals are to “encourage more people to study Russian” and to “make them interested in the culture and the country.” Fortunately, she didn’t experience any culture shock and has been enjoying the surprisingly pleasant weather and the natural beauty of the campus.

As a Language Associate, Tanya tutors, hosts Russian tea on Thursday nights, holds open office hours, hosts Russian Radio, and runs Russian Table on Tuesdays. She also is taking French and is interested in dance classes. Over Winter Break, she hopes to explore more of the United States.

Tanya is surprised by the affable nature of the student body, but has had no trouble adapting to her new surroundings. She loves meeting all the “very friendly, open, and helpful people.” The only problem is the wide variety of extracurricular activities! Her interests include music, dancing, theatre, cinema, reading, watching sports, and going for walks in the Arb. She is excited to be here, and we are pleased to welcome her into the community.