Contact: Professor Diane Nemec Ignashev

Recent events have demonstrated (once again) the need for the world, and Americans in particular, to pay more attention to Russia and to look deeper into Russian society and culture. While a career in Russian studies may not be your goal, knowledge of Russian language and experience living in Russia will certainly set you apart from other candidates for a job or a fellowship or graduate schools.

Most students who study Russian at Carleton have no previous experience with the language. We employ a multi-skill approach to cover fundamental communicative skills and basic Russian grammar. Students are introduced to a wide range of historical and cultural texts, as well as multimedia materials such as film, popular music, and television. Students can take Russian to fulfill the general language requirement, and may go on to earn a minor in Russian. The department also offers literature and film courses in translation, with no prerequisites.

Can I major in it?

Yes, Russian is offered as a major, as well as a minor.

Topics explored

Russian language, literature, culture, and film.

How to get started

Students interested in beginning language study should enroll in RUSS 101, offered in the fall only. RUSS 150: Contemporary Russian Culture and Society is taught in English and is designed for first-year students. It is a writing-rich course (WR), with writing assignments tailored to portfolio requirements.

Get involved!

Events like weekly Russian Tea and Russian Table are a great way to practice your language skills and get to know your Russian-speaking comrades.