Carleton strives to be a model of stewardship for the environment by incorporating ideals of sustainability into the operations of the College, including Reunion.

Sustainable Initiatives at Reunion

Fork IconAll outdoor meals at Reunion feature compostable tableware. All utensils, plates, cups, packaging and napkins can be discarded in containers labeled “compost” and will be taken to a nearby compost site after Reunion.

Apple IconWe select more sustainable food options by offering locally sourced foods as well as vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Trash IconWe regularly monitor our waste during Reunion weekend to work towards making Reunion a “Zero Landfill” event.

Water Drop IconCarleton is supporting the local drinking water infrastructure by providing water on tap and in cans in place of single-use plastic water bottles. There are water bottle filling stations located in many buildings throughout campus.

Shirt IconIn former years all Reunion classes were offered a small piece of Carleton memorabilia as an identity item. In an effort to reduce unnecessary waste, these items will now only be given to our 25th and 50th Reunion classes. Dig in your closets for your old Carleton items or buy a piece of gently used gear at the Lighten Up! “Pop Up” sale to wear during the Parade of Classes.

Firework IconIn an effort to protect our environment, we are not offering fireworks this Reunion weekend. While they can be enjoyable to watch, fireworks produce unnecessary harm to the environment, people, and animals.

Building IconAnderson Hall tours can be found on the Reunion schedule. To learn more about sustainable efforts at Carleton, view the Carleton Sustainability website.

What You Can Do

We’re working to make Reunion as green as we can, and we need your help! Learn more about what you can do to help keep Reunion sustainable below, and feel free to ask questions when you get to campus.

  • Pack your favorite reusable water bottle! There will be some available for purchase in the Carleton Bookstore as well. Filling stations are available on the north and south ends of the Bald Spot, and water fountains are located in every campus building. We hope to eliminate plastic bottle waste as we continue to reduce single-use plastics across the event.
  • Travel to Reunion sustainably. Consider taking a shuttle to and from the airport, carpooling with your classmates across the country, or offsetting your carbon emissions from travel.
  • Return your nametag and lanyard to your class host or your class lounge when you check out so that they can be reused for future Reunions.
  • Stop by the Lighten Up! “Pop Up” Sale and update your Carleton t-shirt collections with the latest academic department and spring concert contemporary styles! All gear is donated by current students for reuse. Visit the CCCE office in Sayles 151 on Thursday, June 13 from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm or Friday, June 14 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
  • Help improve the natural habitat of the arboretum on Friday morning of Reunion by participating in the Arb Service Project. Indicate in your Reunion registration form that you will participate in this event. Past Arb Service Projects have included tree and shrub planting, buckthorn and honeysuckle removal, and planting wildflower seeds. Consider leading yourself on an Arb walk (here’s a map of the Arb).
  • Help support the above initiatives at Reunion as we transition towards a more sustainable future!