Alumni and friends who have been selected by the Alumni Association Awards Committee to receive Alumni Association Awards for distinguished achievement, exceptional service, and pursuing paths in the spirit of Carleton are recognized each year during Reunion Convocation. Varsity athletes of distinction who have been selected by the ‘C’ Club Board are inducted into the ‘C’ Club Hall of Fame during Reunion weekend as well.

2016 Recipients of Carleton Alumni Association Awards

William Feldt ’61 Exceptional Service

Judith Sosted ’61 • Exceptional Service

Eric Carlson ’66 • Distinguished Achievement

Thomas Merritt ’66 • Exceptional Service

Mary Watson ’66 • Exceptional Service

James Anthony ’71 • Distinguished Achievement

Ronald Henkoff ’76 • Distinguished Achievement

Diane Redleaf ’76 • Distinguished Achievement

John McConnell ’86 • Distinguished Achievement

Regan Gurung ’91 • Distinguished Achievement

Adil Husain ’91 • Distinguished Achievement

Martin Kaste ’91 • Distinguished Achievement

Frances Spangler ’91 • Exceptional Service

James Chin ’96 • Distinguished Achievement

Stephen R. Lewis, Jr., President Emeritus • Exceptional Service

Patricia Lamb, Professor of Physical Education, Athletics and Recreation, Emerita • Exceptional Service

2016 Inductees to the ‘C’ Club Hall of Fame:

James Schuldt ’91 • Football, Track & Field, and Wrestling

Chris French ’96 • Football

Megan (Vig) Barrymore ’06 • Basketball

Stephen Harris ’06 • Cross Country and Track & Field