Poster Details


Your poster should be 48″ x 36″ or 36″ x 48″.

Items to include on your poster:

Your name, year in college, major (if known), name of the fund/donor who sponsored your internship/research award (or program affiliation).   

Saving instructions:

The name of your poster file should follow this format: [your last name your first name] Summer 2023 Poster. Example: LAST First Summer 2023 Poster.

Detailed file instructions:

Posters can be created in several different applications. Here are instructions for creating a poster on PowerPoint or Google Slides:

  • Begin by creating a 1-slide PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation – choose a blank slide. (The poster must be contained in one slide.)
  • Adjust the format size to make the poster dimensions 48” x 36” or 36″ x 48″
    • In PowerPoint, go to Design > Slide Size > Custom slide size > enter 48 in width and 36 in height.
    • In Google Slides, go to File > Page setup > Custom > enter 48 in width and 36 in height. Select inches.
  • Save your poster as a .pdf. (Do NOT print to PDF: the dimensions will not be correct, because they will automatically change to standard paper dimensions.)

Poster Design Video

Doug Foxgrover (Academic Technologist for Presentation & Visual Design) and Lin Winton (Director of the Quantitative Resource Center) have made some helpful videos, pdfs, and slides on how to prepare and present an effective poster.

Help with Quantitative Research Posters

Students can also visit the Quantitative Resource Center (QRC) for help creating graphics or writing up quantitative results. The QRC offers unlimited, free drop-in help for anything related to numbers, graphs, and data. Come by the East Wing on 4th Libe to meet with a peer tutor Sunday through Thursday. See the QRC website for hours and details, or contact the QRC director, Lin Winton.