Dimensions: Your poster should be 48″ x 36″ or 36″ x 48″.

Saving instructions: The name of your poster file should follow this format: [your last name your first name] Summer 2021 Poster. Example: LEATHAM Rachel Summer 2021 Poster.

Items to include on your poster: Your name, year in college, major (if known), name of the fund/donor who sponsored your internship/research award (or program affiliation).   

Poster Design Video

Doug Foxgrover (Academic Technologist for Presentation & Visual Design) and Matt Whited (Associate Professor of Chemistry) have made a helpful video on how to prepare and present an effective poster.

Help with Quantitative Research Posters

Students can also come to the Quantitative Resource Center (QRC) for help designing graphics or writing up quantitative results.  QRC tutors can help with basic quantitative communication, and the QRC staff also includes senior Statistics students who are dedicated to consulting on comps and other research projects, including summer research. The QRC will have regular hours Sunday through Thursday, which will soon be posted on the QRC website.