Please complete this form to apply for a faculty stipend for mentoring summer undergraduate research during the summer of 2022.  The stipend will be $1,400 or $2,400, depending on your time commitment.  Only faculty who mentor at least one SRP this summer and who will not receive a stipend or salary from grants or other sources are eligible.  Faculty who are supervising student research assistants (SRAs) but not SRPs are not eligible for this stipend.

If you are mentoring more than one student then list the names of all of your students in the Student Name(s) field.  If different students are working different numbers of hours per week, and/or for a different number of weeks, then list the numbers for all students in the same order you listed their names.  Note that we can only award one stipend per individual faculty member, independent of how many students they are supervising.

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