Undergraduate Research this summer as it pertains to COVID-19: 

At this time, we don’t know whether research with undergraduates can take place on the Carleton campus this summer or if travel to do research at other locations will be possible. We will update you regarding the possibility of on-campus research as soon as we have additional information.  Until then, all student research related applications have been put on hold.

Biology Research in the Arboretum

At Carleton, our students’ intellectual curiosity drives their engagement in research in a variety of disciplines — and sometimes across them. The Council of Undergraduate Research defines research as “an inquiry or investigation by undergraduate students that makes an original intellectual or creative contribution to the discipline.” And it can include projects in the arts, humanities, social sciences, and sciences.

In keeping with Carleton’s commitment to close collaboration between faculty and students, faculty-mentored student research is part of many courses. Independent research opportunities are offered both on and off campus during the academic year. And full-time supervised research is available during both summer and winter breaks.

See the links below for more information about both student and faculty resources.