Prathiksha Srinivasa ’16

14 April 2021

Higher Education

Prathiksha Srinivasa ‘16
Prathiksha Srinivasa ‘16

Ph.D. Student in Religion at Emory University

After graduating from Carleton, Prathiksha received her MTS at Harvard, after which she served as the Interfaith Engagement Coordinator at Wheaton College in Massachusetts. At Emory, she studies the relationship between contemporary technologies and ethno-nationalist identities. She plans to pursue a career as a college professor, although she is open to using her training in other ways, specifically in the realm of data protection. She says that her religion professors at Carleton “have had a huge impact on [her] academic approach – they trained [her] to be critical and generous in equal measure and to pay attention to the material impact of [her] research.”