A Demonstration and Conversation with artist Anit Chaitya Vangad of Ganjad Village, India

27 September 2011

To this day, Warli communities in the forested areas north of Mumbai continue to live according to the traditional practices and philosophies of their ancestros, struggling to strike a sustainable balance as forest-dwellers in a rapidly industrializing society.  It is only in recent years that the mainstream art world in India has begun to take notice of their extraordinary folk paintings, bringing them out of their village-based ritual, domestic, and decorative contexts to a broader audience throughout India. The art and life of the Warlis remain virtually unknown in the United States.

Master artist Anil Chaitya Vangad will speak of his life in a traditional Warli family compound, the philosophy and cosmology that are unique to his community, and his paintings, which virtuosically celebrate the divine balance between humans and the natural world.  This event will provide a rare opportunity for Twin Cities audiences to encounter this extraordinary artist and hear about his traditional, sustainable way of life.

Anil Chaitya Vangad hails from the village of Ganjad in western India, the third generation in a family of Warli artists.  Since 1991, his work has been exhibited throughout India at prominent galleries and through prestigious mural commissions.

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