Listed below are names of religion alumni in various career areas. Consider them a resource for you, and don’t hesitate to contact them with questions you may have about careers or graduate schools. 

Etiquette rules for contacting alums

  • Begin your message with a brief introduction of yourself followed by something that interests you, i.e. maybe you share common interests (remember, they were once in your shoes).
  • NEVER ask for something with a quick turn-around-time or deadline — these alums may be in grad school, in the private sector working, etc., so they appreciate knowing they have time getting back to you.
  • Check your spelling and grammar when writing your email, and always be respectful.
  • Send a thank you note to them after they respond to you — it’s always nice to be thanked, and you may gain a friend in the process!
  • See the Career Center’s info on networking for more tips on reaching out to alums.


Ann E. Lev ’69


Personal Business Services, Inc., President

Elizabeth S. Wright ’93


Wright for Writers LLC, Writing Coach, Editor, Publishing Consultant

Education (Higher Ed)

David M. Cloutier, Ph.D. ’94

Religion, Chemistry

The Catholic University of America, Associate Professor

Ella Fox ’15

Religion, French and Francophone Studies

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, Admissions Officer

Emily T. Ho ’09

Art History, Religion

University of Chicago, Associate University Registrar of Records and Enrollment

Olivia Nyberg ’18


Brown University

Education (Pre K-12)

Yu-Jung Wu ’21

Japanese, Religion



Teagan E. Felknor-Edwards ’18

Religion, Women’s and Gender Studies

City of Elk Grove, CivicSpark Fellow


Rachel S. Cruz ’19

Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Religion

Great Plains Telehealth Resource and Assistance Center, Program Assistant

Info Systems/Technology/Library

Sarah Calhoun ’01


Carleton, Ref & Instr Librarian for Humanities & Digital Scholarship

Rebecca A. Stover ’18

East Asian Studies, Religion

History, Philosophy, and Newspaper Library UIUC, Graduate Assistant

Legal Professions

Malika Adda-Berkane ’20

Religion, Spanish

Tarlow, Breed, Hart & Rodgers, Legal Assistant/Paralegal

Other Careers

Sara E. Canilang ’19

Religion, Mathematics

Joseph Bauer Concannon ’13


Mx. Jonathan A. Coyne ’20

South Asian Studies, Religion

Unknown, Launch Analyst

Guthrie T. Cunningham ’14


Madeline A. Egan ’19


Cruz R. Morales ’20


Prathiksha Srinivasa ’16


Science/Lab Research

Sara White ’18


Brown University, Annenberg Institute, Research Associate, National Student Support Accelerator

Social Service/Advocacy

Todd Campbell Jr. ’16

AFAMC, Religion

Carleton, Associate Chaplain for Christian and Interfaith Life

Carolyn Fure-Slocum ’82


Carleton, Chaplain

Margaret C. Holladay ’14


Refugee Services Program, Jewish Vocational Service, Career Coach