Carleton Religion majors have taken positions in as wide a range of venues as Carleton graduates generally. We have alumni working as teachers and administrators in schools both public and private, in social service agencies, in law firms, in environmental causes, writing novels or editing them for publishers. The department has a rotating Faculty Career Coordinator, currently Professor Sango, who serves as a liaison with Career Services. The career center can serve the student with a variety of resources, including testing, internships, alumni shadowing, and a variety of other services.

The Carleton Religion Department boasts 686 alumni majors, who identify themselves as active in a wide variety of career and educational pursuits:

  • 17.7%    Business/Finance/Sales
  • 15.7%    Education (Higher Ed)
  • 15.7%    Social Service/Advocacy/Clergy/Religious Leadership
  •   8.0%    Education (Pre K-12)
  •   9.6%    Healthcare
  •   6.6%    Legal Professions
  •   5.9%    Other Careers
  •   5.0%    Communications/Media
  •   4.6%    Art/Museums
  •   4.4%    Info Systems/Technology/Library
  •   1.5%    Environment/Agriculture
  •   1.3%    Public Policy
  •   1.3%    Science/Lab Research
  •   0.9%    Peace Corps/Americorps/Teach for America
  •   0.7%    Engineering
  •   0.4%    Government/Public Service