Requirements exist in a combination of three categories: Degree Requirements, Liberal Arts Requirements, and Major Requirements. Refer to the Academic Catalog for specific requirement information.

Degree Requirements

In order to graduate, all students must:

  • Obtain at least 210 credits before graduation, 108 of which must be from Carleton.
  • Maintain a GPA of at least 2.0 (C level).
  • Spend six academic terms in residence at Carleton, including their last three academic terms.

Liberal Arts Requirements

Argument and Inquiry Seminar (AI) (6 credits)

  • All first-year non-transfer students are required to take an AI seminar during their first term. AIs are offered across a wide variety of departments and serve to develop critical thinking and writing skills.

Curricular Exploration (36 credits)

Global Citizenship

  1. Language Requirement (Completion of a fourth-level language course, or fifth-level for certain languages)
  2. International Studies (6 credits)
  3. Intercultural Domestic Studies (6 credits)

Writing Requirement

  • Argument and Inquiry (AI) Seminar. All AIs are designated Writing-Rich (WR1) courses.
  • Six credits of a course designated Writing-Rich 2 (WR2).
  • Successful completion of the Writing Portfolio.

Quantitative Reasoning Encounter (QRE)

  • Three courses that have been designated as providing quantitative reasoning encounters (QRE).

Physical Education (PE) — Four terms.

Major Requirements

  • You must choose a major during the 3rd term of your sophomore year. The number of credits required depends upon your chosen major. Any course counting toward your major cannot be taken on an elective scrunch.
  • You must successfully complete the Senior Integrative Exercise (often referred to as “comps.”) This is typically taken during your senior year.

If you are interested in declaring a double major or a self-designed special major, you must appeal to the Academic Standing Committee.

Degree FAQs

May I participate in commencement?

If you completed your degree requirements in the November or March prior to commencement, we encourage you to participate in the June commencement ceremony. If you have questions about your degree requirements, we’d be happy to look over your Progress Toward Degree report with you. The Academic Regulations and Procedures have all the details at Graduation Requirements.

Can I graduate early?

Yes, you may petition to accelerate your graduation. Work with your adviser and department chair to provide a plan for completion of your requirements in less than 12 terms using their “Progress Toward the Degree” report. You cannot petition to accelerate until you’ve declared your major and completed the Writing Portfolio requirement. The Graduation Acceleration petition and your completed plan should be returned to the Registrar’s Office for approval.

Still have questions about Graduation? Contact Maria Reverman.