Certain courses require that you fill out additional forms once you have registered. Please select these forms from the list below using the paperless, online option if it is available. If you choose to use the PDF version, email the completed copy to the Registrar’s Office.

Registration Forms

FormUse For
Late Drop FormDropping a course between the Add/Drop Deadline and the Late Drop Deadline.
S/Cr/NC FormRequesting to change a course from Graded to S/Cr/NC.
Independent Study/Reading/Research formProposing an independent project that is distinct from department-specific student/faculty research.
Special Student Registration FormRegistration for: faculty or staff members or their spouse/partners; language assistants; Northfield High School honor students; Alumni; and International Exchange Students.
Declaration of Minor Form
Removal of Minor Form
Add/Drop FormChanging a 1st or 2nd 5 Week course registration; changing a course level; requesting a waiver for a course conflict; requesting a course section change; requesting to do comps as a Junior double major.
Proxy Registration FormStudents who are off-campus and who will not have internet access during registration can elect to have the Registrar's Office to act as a proxy and register for them via the following electronic form.

Petition Forms

Online FormUse For
Petition to OverloadPetitioning to enroll in more than 22 credits
Petition for Exception to Registration PoliciesPetitioning to drop a class after the late drop deadline; late add; exceptions to other registration policy deadlines.
Request to Accelerate GraduationPetitioning to graduate before the end of your twelfth term.
Petition for a Double MajorPetitioning to add a second major.
Removal of a Double MajorPetitioning to remove a second major.
Change of MajorPetitioning to change your major.
Leave Change FormPetitioning to shift the term you are required to take a leave because of a summer OCS program.
  • Special Major Petition (122.8KB PDF Document)
    If your educational goals cannot be fulfilled within a standard major, an alternative may be a special program of study
  • ASC General Petition (89.9KB PDF Document)
    Form to request an exception to an academic policy

Other petition forms including the Petition for Exception to Registration Policies and Request to Accelerate Graduation Form, can be found on the Academic Standing Committee’s Petition Forms page.

Forms are available on the Dean of Students website for:

  • Leave of Absence
  • Withdrawal
  • Withdrawal/Term Amnesty
  • Required Leave of Absence (after Carleton Summer Program)

How to use these forms

The links on this page are to the digital version and PDF versions.

For the Digital versions, simply enter your information and submit. The process will be paperless and routed to the appropriate parties from there.

A student may enroll in independent study (numbers 291 or 391) independent reading (numbers 290 or 390), or independent research (numbers 292 or 392) with the consent of a professor and approval of the Registrar and Associate Provost. An independent form must be completed by the student, signed by the professor and adviser, and submitted to the Registrar by 5:00 p.m. the fifth day of the term (or the second five week add deadline for 3 credit independents). Submitting this form permits but does not automatically accomplish registration; independents are subject to the further approval of the registrar and the Associate Provost. Independents which duplicate the content of courses in the academic catalog are not allowed. No independent may count toward Liberal Arts requirements. A student interested in taking an independent study should check with the professor to see if the department has additional guidelines governing independent work. The grading method for independent work must be agreed upon with the instructor and clearly stated on the independent form before submitting it to the registrar at the time of registration. See Academic Regulations and Procedures for further information.

Some departments, including: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Political Science and Psychology provide their own forms. These forms are available above and on the respective department pages.

If you use the PDF forms, you’ll fill out the form on the screen, and then print them out. Some forms require obtaining various signatures first. Once you have those signatures, email the final copy to the Registrar’s Office (registrar@carleton.edu). If you want to keep a copy for yourself, print two or save the file after you have filled it out. You can also just print the forms and fill them out by hand, but that’s not so tidy.