1. Meet with your adviser.

You are required to discuss your proposed registration with your academic adviser prior to registration. Consequently, your first web registration step each term is to confirm on The Hub that you’ve done this. You can (and should) complete this step before your priority time so that you can focus on registering for your courses.

  • You should meet with your adviser during Advising Days, which are held during the 7th and 8th weeks of each term.
  • Many advisers will reach out to their advisees to schedule meetings, but it’s your responsibility to make sure that this happens. Come prepared to your advising meeting.

2. Decide which classes to take.

Here’s a list of questions to consider when choosing:

  • What am I interested in?
  • What requirements do I still need to meet?
  • When do these classes meet? (i.e., Do any of my classes conflict with each other?) This daily schedule plan is a great way to visualize what your week will look like.
  • How frequently are these classes offered?
    • If a class is only offered once a year, it makes sense to prioritize taking it over classes that are offered each term.
    • If you need to fulfill a language requirement, be aware that you can only start the sequence during certain terms.
  • Is this a course load I can handle?
  • How much work will each of these classes be? Am I familiar with the subject material already?
  • Is this a balanced schedule?
  • Am I fully exploring the options available to me at a Liberal Arts college?
  • Am I taking something just because I find it interesting?

Remember that Carleton’s graduation requirements are built to give you space to try new things just because you’d like to!

Be sure to have a few backup plans up your sleeve as well, in case some classes fill up early. Using course search is a convenient way to browse courses and bookmark those you are considering taking. You can also keep tabs on how full your bookmarked courses may be getting as your registration time approaches.

3.  Make sure you are Registration Ready on the Hub.

Visit “Registration and Courses” and click “Am I Registration Ready?” to see if you have done everything you need to do before registering. There, you can:

  • Update your emergency contact information (must be done every 100 days)
  • Review any registration holds you may have (such as unpaid tuition, etc.)
    • Holds do not automatically resolve when you submit your payment online — the Business Office still needs to review your account before lifting your hold.
    • Be sure to resolve these at least a day in advance or you may not be able to register at your priority time.
    • Registration times are typically in the evening when campus offices are closed, so there will likely be no one to help you if you don’t plan ahead.
  • Confirm your advising meeting. Note that this can only be done AFTER your meeting. To do so beforehand constitutes a student conduct violation (i.e., knowingly furnishing false information to the College with intent to deceive).

On this page, you can also see when you are assigned to register — this is your priority time. You will not be able to register before your priority time, nor until the above constraints are cleared. 

You will be allowed to change your course selections on the Hub throughout the first week of the term (with the exception of 1st 5-week courses, for which registration closes the day before term begins, as well as some courses with lab sections).

After the term has begun, you must use a drop/add card to add a first 5-week course or to change course sections (e.g., drop MATH 111.01 and add MATH 111.02). You must also use a drop/add card to add or drop a second 5-week course after the first week of the term. Your card must be submitted within published drop/add or change-of-section deadlines.