Creating your Preferred Sections

Before your priority registration time opens, you may add courses to your “Preferred Sections” on the Hub which acts similar to an online shopping cart. This may help to expedite your registration when your priority registration time opens. 

Once your registration priority time opens you may continue to make registration changes to your schedule through the end time listed on your Am I Registration Ready? page. 

To create your ‘Preferred Sections” log on to your Hub account and open the Register for Courses menu. 

Hub Menu Register For Courses

A new menu will open. Select Search and register for courses.

Register for Courses Main Menu

You will navigate to a course search tool. To search for courses you will need to have at least two search criteria selected, but you may use more. Regardless of how many you use, you must always select the upcoming term you’re preparing to register for. 

After submitting your search criteria, a list of courses will generate based on your entered criteria. To add courses to your preferred sections or ‘shopping cart’ you will check the box next to the course, then click Submit. 

Before exiting the Hub, it is always a good idea to make sure the courses you selected move over to your pre-selected section list. To access your pre-selected section list, go back to the Register for Courses menu and click on Register for previously selected sections.

A new window should open that displays the course sections you have pre-selected to be quickly available to you when your registration time begins. When you log back onto the Hub, these courses should still be listed here.