These deadlines are crucial; faculty must contact the Registrar in advance if they believe they will have difficulty meeting them.

TermDue DateTime

Fall 2023

Wednesday, November 29

8:30 a.m.

Winter 2024

Monday, March 18

8:30 a.m.

Spring 2024

Seniors: Wednesday, June 5

All other students: Wednesday, June 12

8:30 a.m.

8:30 a.m.

Faculty are required to enter their grades on the Hub. Please be sure to check if the grades you just submitted were received by clicking on the “Historical Grades” link on the Faculty Menu and choosing the appropriate term.

Getting There

  • Log into the Hub and go to Faculty Information (the same place you access your class rosters, advisee information, etc.) and click on the “Final Grading” link.
  • Select the class you wish to grade by clicking on the box to the left of the class. Click on Submit.

Entering your Grades

  • Enter your grades (lower case is fine) in the grade column. Use your tab key to get to the next line and repeat until done. Enter a last date of attendance or check “never attended” when recording an F or NC.
  • Enter a grade of A through F for students who elected to S/CR/NC your course. The software will convert this grade appropriately.
  • If your course is a mandatory S/CR/NC course, enter a grade of S, CR or NC for your students. See below for a definition of these grades.
  • There is a 20-minute time-out for the grade entry screen. If for some reason it takes you more than 20 minutes to enter your grades, click on submit before the 20 minutes are up and return to the screen to complete your grade entry. This way, your work will be saved and you can simply enter your remaining grades.

Grade Submission Guidelines

  • While faculty members may establish earlier deadlines for the work in their courses, students are to have all work completed for a course not later than the end of the official examination schedule for the term. Late work is not to be graded. Refer to our End of Term Deadlines policy for more information.
  • Work may extend beyond the end of the exam schedule only if an “EX1” or “EX3” grade has been approved by Trey Williams, Sindy Fleming or Cathy Carlson, the Associate Deans of Students, or David Liben Nowell, Associate Provost. For further information regarding “EXT” grades, please refer to the Extension policy.
  • Instructors must submit a grade for each student.
  • If you have a Comps section listed as one of your classes, please do not record any grades for this 400 course. Department chairs submit grades for integrative exercises via a paper process.
  • Permissible grades are as follows:
    • Graded courses: A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, D-, F
    • Ungraded courses (“Scrunch”): S (A – C-), CR (D+ – D-), NC (F)
  • Leaving a grade blank is not an option. “X” and “DRP” grades are also not instructor options.
  • Remember to assign a last date of attendance or check the box to indicate that a student never attended if you assign a grade of F or NC. If the student attended the entire class, enter the date of your final exam or last day of class.

Finishing Up

  • After entering all of your grades for the class in question, review them and click “submit.”
  • When the next screen appears, click on the Faculty Menu button to return to the Faculty Menu. Repeat the above process until you are done entering all of your grades. Don’t forget your independent studies!

Reviewing your Grades

  • You should check to see if the grades you just submitted were received by clicking on the “Historical Grades” link under Faculty Information and choosing the appropriate term. The grades will be listed with the parenthetical comment “(not transcripted).”

As always, you are welcome to call the Registrar’s Office at X4289 with questions.