Students are expected to complete all course work by the end of a term. When this is not possible as a result of illness or circumstances beyond the student’s control, you may request a grade of EX1 or EX3. The College distinguishes between two types of Extensions — Personal and Academic

  • Requests for Personal Extensions (EX1 or EX3) are made through the Dean of Students Office. 
  • Requests for Academic Extensions (EXT) must be submitted to the Associate Provost by a faculty member. 

All extensions (EX1, EX3, or EXT) must be requested by 2:00pm CST the day following the last day of exams.

The due date for completed work will be set at the time the extension is granted. 

  • For students granted an EX1, the work will be due one week after the extension is granted and the instructor’s grade is due two weeks later. 
  • For students granted an EX3, the work will be due three weeks after the extension is granted and the instructor’s grade is due two weeks later.

The student work due date will be communicated via email from the Dean of Students Office. The faculty member’s grading deadline will be sent by the Registrar’s Office, and will also display in the Hub as the grade’s expiration date. Students, please note that the expiration date that displays in the Hub is the faculty grading deadline, not your work due date.

Extensions of Extensions

Occasionally, for reasons beyond the student’s control, it is not possible for the coursework to be completed by the original extension deadline. In this case, the college allows students to petition the Academic Standing Committee for an extension to the extension. Such requests may only be granted under exceptional circumstances, and must be submitted prior to the original extension deadline to be considered. Extensions may only be extended once, and may typically only be extended for a maximum of four additional weeks, though most are extended for shorter periods of time.

You will petition for an extension to the extension through the Registrar, and should work with her or with your Class Dean to start the process.