Students fill an auditorium.

Who Do I Contact About Room Changes?

If you would like to change a room, please contact Ann May (x4289).

How Do I View My Course Rosters?

In the Hub, under Class Roster, click in the box to the left of the course you wish to select. In the two boxes in the middle columns, choose the sort criteria for your class roster. (If you want your class roster to be in alphabetical order by student name, simply keep the defaults as they are.)

Choose the information you want to appear on your class roster by checking the boxes to the left. If you do not click in any boxes in this column, no information will download. Choose your output selection by clicking in the appropriate circle in the lower left of the page, then click Submit.

If you wish to view your photo rosters, click on the Photo Roster button at the bottom of page that now appears. To print a photo roster, use your browser’s Print button.

If you chose to open the roster in Excel, the Excel version of your class roster will display. To save this spreadsheet, click on the File menu and then on Save As, give the file a new name, and click on Save. Note that this roster does not include waitlisted or dropped students.

How Do I Add Students From the Waitlist?

Students will need the instructor’s permission to join courses that have a waitlist. The instructor should send an email to to give waitlisted students permission to add the course. The email should include the name of the course and the student(s) to be admitted. The student will have one full day after the request is processed to add the course via the HUB. If the student does not add the course in the allowed time, the instructor will need to send a second request. Students who do not have permission will not be able to add the course via the Hub until there are no students remaining on the waitlist.

On your online waitlist roster, the names are in waitlist order. College policy governing waitlist priority is more fully detailed in the Registration section of the Academic Regulations and Procedures.

Does a Student Have to Add to Be in My Course?

Yes! If you let a student enter your course off the waitlist or for any other reason, be sure they know to officially add the course. Waitlisted students will receive an email from the Registrar’s Office if they are allowed to add the course. They will have one day to add the course via the Hub. The only exception to this would be in the case of an unofficial audit. Since we do not allow official audits (i.e., transcripted), an audit is simply a verbal agreement between the instructor and the student.

Who Do I Contact About Classroom Technology?

Technology information for all of the classrooms can be found on the PEPS website using the Equipment in Rooms tab. For questions about classroom technology, please contact PEPS (x5002).

How Do I View Pronouns on The Hub?

Students have the option to provide their personal pronouns, and those pronouns display on class and advising rosters. Here’s where they are — and where they aren’t.

Class Roster does not display pronouns

pronouns not shown
Class Roster

Select “Class and Photo Rosters” to see pronouns

Be sure to select “Pronoun” as a roster option

Advisers should not select options on My Advisees if they’d like to see pronouns.

The Student Profile, similarly, does not display the pronoun

To see pronouns, Advisers should select “Advisee and Photo Roster”

Again, Class Roster does not display pronouns

How Can a Student Change Their Name On the Academic Record Or a Class Roster?

They can visit the Name Change page to see the process.

A Student Did Not Attend The First Day of Class. How Can I Tell if They Dropped? Can I Drop Them?

If students do not attend the first and second day of class, you may drop them if your class has a waitlist. The Faculty Drop Form must be received by the Registrar by the 5th day of classes. Otherwise, the student must drop your course using a drop/add card, which requires your signature. Your online class list will reflect any drops that have been processed.

Can I Give a Student Permission to Add My Course Without the Necessary Prerequisites or Co-requisites?

Yes, you can waive a requisite for a course by sending an email to to waive it. Please do so before the student’s priority time so they can add it during their registration.