Academic Catalog

The Academic Catalog is edited by the department as a Google Doc. The courses on your Google drive are from the current year’s Catalog. Editors can either make changes directly on the Google Doc or they can print the document and make changes on the printed document. Changes made to the Google doc will show as edits that require approval.

When editing your Catalog copy, keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Changes to course descriptions should be made on the course proposal forms.
  • Changes to major or minor requirements should be included in your catalog text, but may need ECC approval. Changes will be reviewed by the Registrar and Associate Provost, and if your changes need to be brought to ECC they will not go into effect until they have received the appropriate approvals by the ECC and Faculty, if necessary, and will appear in the next year’s Catalog. 
  • If you are offering a previously offered course that was not in last year’s Catalog, tell us when the course was last offered so the description can be moved from that catalog.
  • Courses not offered for three consecutive years will be deleted from the catalog.