Recorded Sessions and Clips

The clips below are recorded from Carleton-led training and presentations on the Google Migration.

Google Concepts to help Transition (clip from Pre-Migration Video)

6 minutes Presentation of a few overarching principles Google applies to email and calendar. These concepts are summarized generally and are not officially endorsed by Google, but have been useful for framing thinking about the transition to Gmail and Google Calendar, particularly in a Carleton context.

Google General Interface Introduction (clip from Pre-Migration Video)

16.5 minutes Google uses similar organizing principles for its interface in Gmail, Google Calendar and more. This presentation covers the constants, how to navigate between Google accounts, and how to help anticipate where Google will have placed certain tools or navigational items so you can quickly find options even without explicitly having learned where they are!

Gmail: Archive vs Trash; Labels vs Folders (clip from Pre-Migration Video)

8.5 minutes Presentation of Google’s different take on two key topics: getting emails out of your inbox, and organizing those emails. Archive is Google’s catch-all storage; learn how it works and is distinctly different from Trash. Additionally, Zimbra folders will come over to Google as “Lables” – learn what this means and how to think about labels, or how to use “move” to get a more folder-like feel.

After Migration: Gmail Basic Training

31.5 minutes Selection from the full Day-After Migration training section, this focuses on Gmail and the “top-5” basic skills needed to use Gmail well. Though the concepts may be basic on the surface, this training segment points out several small details for how to better navigate the Gmail interface.

After Migration: Google Calendar Basic Training

42 minutes Selection from the full Day-After Migration training section, this focuses on Google Calendar and the “top-5” basic skills needed to use calendar well. We talk about some of the privacy and sharing questions a lot of Carls have asked about, as well as the ways Google Calendar works, to make planning and coordinating events easier.

Google Pre-Migration Presentation (Full-length)

1 hour 5 minutes Session Description: An introductory presentation to familiarize yourself with the interface of Google, learn or refresh your familiarity with fundamentals of Gmail and Google Calendar, and how they work in a business environment. We will also explore the various online help and training resources so you have the tools you need to learn more as you go! Come to take notes, ask questions and get prepared to hit the ground running once your migration takes place.

Dropbox End-user Training Session

Dropbox Trainer Eliza Rhee provides an introduction to the Dropbox account claiming process, the basics of syncing and sharing, organization in Dropbox and a few other tips and tricks for using Dropbox day-to-day.