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Carleton is introducing both a new email & calendaring service and a new file storage platform in summer 2016, implementing Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, and Dropbox. The steering group found that Google was the least complex and most intuitive product that meets our needs. This transition is an opportunity to reflect on our practices and to embrace new, more effective approaches that are now available.

The transition to Gmail starts on June 9th and ends on July 7th; see details below. Administrative departments will begin moving files to Dropbox and/or Google Drive on a staggered schedule between May and August, with faculty moving over fall term and winter break. A group of ITS and departmental liaisons are deeply committed to providing a well-tested and well-supported process. Stay tuned for information about steps you will need to take. Here’s a preparation list to get started.

The project is being coordinated by Julie Anderson, Director of Web Services, and Austin Robinson-Coolidge, Director of Technology Support. Contact us for more information.

Migration Timeline:  (items in italics have completed) 

Date Migration Group
4/14/2016 Early adopters migrate to Gmail
5/12/2016 Early adopter2 migration to Gmail (incl SERC and Summer Acad Pgms)
5/19/2016 ITS moves to Dropbox and/or Google Drive (early adopter)
Library & Archives move to Dropbox and/or Google Drive (early adopter)
5/26/2016 Early Adopter3 (ITS staff) migrate to Gmail
Faculty & admins, PEAR, & CFR migrate to Gmail
OCS moves to Dropbox and/or Google Drive (early adopter)
6/23/2016 Returning Students, DOC Office, PRES Office (not IR) migrate to Gmail
Staff & all others migrate to Gmail
Summer Academic Pgms moves to Dropbox and/or Google Drive
tbd Dates for remaining moves to Dropbox and/or Google Drive