Services for Faculty

The Quantitative Resource Center director provides support to faculty who teach quantitative skills and reasoning across the curriculum. Support is provided through multiple avenues. Email Lin to set up:

  • Individual consultations on curriculum, pedagogy, and evaluation related to quantitative skills and reasoning
  • Workshops on teaching quantitative skills and reasoning
  • Collaborations with other departments and offices on campus
  • Class visits on QR topics including: reading graphs and tables, exploratory data visualization, writing about numbers, and using visualization to tell data stories
  • Student access to lessons and practice problems for common foundational skills through the ALEKS platform

External Conferences

National Numeracy Network

What is Numeracy? Some call it an expression first used in the UK’s 1959 “Crowther Report” to include secondary school students’ ability to reason and solve sophisticated quantitative problems, their basic understanding of the scientific method, and their ability to communicate at a substantial level about quantitative issues in everyday life. Others call it Quantitative Literacy (QL), and describe this comfort, competency, and “habit of mind” in working with numerical data as being as important in today’s highly quantitative society as reading and writing were in previous generations. Still others refer to it as Quantitative Reasoning (QR), emphasizing the higher-order reasoning and critical thinking skills needed to understand and to create sophisticated arguments supported by quantitative data.

Registration is now open for the 2020-21 National Numeracy Virtual Annual Meeting, Feb 26-28, 2021.

Keynote 1: Carl Bergstrom and Jevin West, Co-Authors of “Calling Bullshit
Keynote 2: Jessica Utts, Past President of the ASA, Author of “Seeing Through Statistics

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