Who Are We?

The Queer Mental Health Collective at Carleton College is a safe space for LGBTQIA+ students to form community through conversation and actively supporting another one’s mental health and wellbeing. We believe shared spaces can be healing for those living with the effects of queer/transphobia and other social injustices at individual, community and systemic levels.

The Queer Mental Health Collective is led by staff from Student Health and Counseling, the Office of Health Promotion, and the Gender & Sexuality Center.

What Do We Do?

The Queer Mental Health Collective meets monthly to discuss topics and share resources related to LGBTQIA+ mental health and wellbeing over a shared lunch. Currently, we meet one Thursday a month from 12-1PM. Our gatherings take place on different weeks than the BIPOC Mental Health Collective.

What Do Gatherings Look Like?

Gatherings follow the structure below:

  • Opening question
  • Large-group discussion on the theme of the day
  • Small group discussions
  • Large-group discussion on resources
  • Closing reflections

Our monthly gatherings will be posted on our Events Calendar. Resources shared during the gatherings will be compiled on our Resources Page.