April 13, 2021

This session was the last in a three-part series of study groups that sought to prepare campus for the “Why Treaties Matter” exhibit in fall 2021. These study groups were a first step in living out Carleton’s land acknowledgement through acts of honest storytelling.

Assistant Professor and Andersen Fellow of American Studies and History Meredith McCoy led this session, which focused on what it means to move a land acknowledgement from words into actions. The session explored best practices and common issues with land acknowledgements, and how the Carleton land acknowledgement can offer a meaningful foundation for building relationships, telling honest histories, and creating space for healing. Small group discussions were interspersed with Professor McCoy’s short lecture, where attendees discussed the lecture and selections from Suzanne Keeptwo’s We All Go Back to the Land.

The session was co-sponsored by the Public Works Initiative, the Center for Community and Civic Engagement, Ethical Inquiry, the Learning and Teaching Center, and the Humanities Center.