November 13, 2020

Public Works organized a panel at the National Humanities Conference to discuss international collaborations the initiative has facilitated, “International Collaborations at the Intersections of the Arts and Humanities.” While the conference was originally planned to be held in Indianapolis, it was instead held virtually. Professor of Studio Art and Public Works Co-Director Kelly Connole chaired the session, and presented on the Public Works Initiative. Next, Associate Professor of Religion Asuka Sango and Minnesota Kyudo Renmei President, Chief Instructor, and Renshi 5dan Carly Born discussed their project and both the local collaboration with Minnesota Kyudo Renmei, and the international collaboration with Kiyomoto Ogasawara, a 32nd-generation samurai master. Then, Senior Lecturer in French Stephanie Cox presented on her years-long collaboration with Canadian artist 2Fik and the ways the collaboration led to deeper connections with the Northfield community. Finally, Professor of History and Public Works Co-Director Susannah Ottaway shared her experience working with museum curator Dr. Megan Dennis on a project on the history of social welfare in England.