November 19, 2019

Throughout Fall 2019, Assistant Professor of Music Andrea Mazzariello and Joey Castaneda ‘20 worked with local youth on music composition at the Northfield Union of Youth @ the Key. The showcase, which features students’ work in music composition from the term, provided an opportunity for Professor Mazzariello and Castaneda to share music from their collaboration with Northfield youth. Castanedas’s composition, titled “Fridays at 4:30,” is a medley of sessions with youth at the Key, the musical environments Castaneda brought for the youths to work with, and collaborations between Castaneda and Professor Mazzariello. Loops from these sections were layered over each other, creating a rich, multifaceted composition that showcases the different components of the project and the variety of people who contributed to both the project and the final composition.