September 28, 2019

Multidisciplinary artist-in-residence 2Fik. He sits on the edge of a stage, wearing a unicorn sweatshirt answering questions.
Multidisciplinary artist-in-residence 2Fik

This workshop was one of several events 2Fik held during his fall term 2019 artist residency at Carleton. Hosted by the Northfield Arts Guild and aimed at youth ages 7-14, “Build Your Own Character with 2Fik” introduced participants to the process of character building. 2Fik walked the fifteen kids through the difference between identity and image, how he creates characters, and introduced a couple of his own characters.

Following this, the kids had the chance to create their own characters. Armed with a guiding worksheet, a rack of costumes, face paint, and their own imaginations, they began creating and fleshing out their own characters. 2Fik circled the room encouraging them, listening to questions, and providing feedback on their ideas.

After having sufficient time to prepare, the kids presented their characters to the group. They created a large variety of characters including: adults, children, teachers, farmers, actors, characters from Earth and some from other planets, Life (represented by DNA), a house cat, and a robot that hated iPhones. The workshop ended with 2Fik answering questions from the participants about his own work and character creation.