George ShuffeltonProfessor of English

George Shuffelton, Professor of English
George Shuffelton, Professor of English

Professor George Shuffelton attended a workshop at the Digital Humanities Summer Institute in Victoria, BC in June 2018. The DHSI is widely regarded as one of the best training grounds for Digital Humanities (DH) scholarship, and their workshop on Textual Encoding Fundamentals was ideally suited for a long-term digital mapping project he is undertaking.

In collaboration with the Director of the Mapping of Early Modern London project (MoEML), Professor Shuffelton will use the knowledge gained from the DHSI workshop to edit one of the London civic chronicles on their site. In addition to developing a relationship between the Carleton English department and MoEML, Professor Shuffelton’s project will provide ample research opportunities for students taking his course.

The MoEML has extensive experience partnering with teachers and undergraduate researchers, and thus should be an ideal external partner or student-faculty research. Students can edit texts for the MoEML or (more commonly) extend the detailed gazetteer of London places that the MoEML has developed.

This kind of work has numerous course connections, and can be pursued in small research teams for independent study credit. Professor Shuffelton will bring knowledge gained at this workshop back to Carleton’s campus to weave into the growing digital mapping community in Northfield.