Nov 8

Kiyomoto Ogasawara: "Samurai Spirit Alive"

Fri, November 8, 2019 • 5:00pm • Great Hall

Kiyomoto Ogasawara is the 32nd-generation master of the Japanese samurai family of Ogasawara. Originating in the twelfth-century Japan when the first samurai government emerged, the Ogasawa family have served many generations of the emperor and shogun as instructors of martial techniques such as archery and horse training, as well as the etiquettes and protocol of the samurai tradition. Mr. Ogasawara will discuss the history of the samurai tradition as well as its relevance to Japan today.

All are welcome to a reception at 5pm, followed by his public talk at 6pm.

Event Contact: Kristen Askeland

Event Summary

Kiyomoto Ogasawara: "Samurai Spirit Alive"
  • When
    • Friday,¬†November¬†8,¬†2019
    • 5:00pm
  • Where
    • Great Hall
  • Event Contact
  • Intended For: General Public, Students, Faculty, Staff

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