We look forward to strengthening the many connections that Carleton faculty and staff have established with communities locally and globally. The Public Works Initiative will also help us to build sustainable relationships with new partners through both face-to-face encounters and those made possible through the use of digital technologies.

Meet Some of Our Collaborators

Campus Partners

The Public Works Initiative seeks to identify and support community engagement and public scholarship projects that already exist at Carleton. Part of this process involves working in tandem with the multiple campus organizations that focus on community and civic engagement, public scholarship, digital humanities, the arts, and humanistic inquiry.

Our campus partners include:

Community Organizations

Community organizations are crucial to the mission and work of the Public Works Initiative. Throughout their projects, our grantees have worked with many organizations in Northfield, Minnesota, and beyond.

Organizations our grantees have worked with include:

Get in touch with Co-Directors Kelly Connole or Susannah Ottaway to learn more.