The Psychology Department Curriculum Committee (DCC) is dedicated to serve as a link between psychology faculty and students of Carleton College. The DCC provides a venue for student input on curriculum decisions and changes. In addition, the DCC organizes academic and social events to provide opportunities for students and faculty to establish and maintain relationships both inside and outside the classroom.

DCC members are psychology majors interested in serving as a liaison between students interested in psychology, fellow majors, and the psychology department faculty and staff. The Committee typically consists of 4-6 junior and senior members, and is supervised by a faculty member. 

New members are regularly invited to join the DCC, typically after major declaration at the end of the sophomore year, via email. Members are committed to attending DCC meetings and department events, and are responsible for organizing several social and academic events over the course of each year. If you are interested in becoming a member, inquire at the Psychology Office to learn more!

Department Curriculum Committee for 2021-2022: Maya Rogers, Hisui Takeda