Resources for psychology students and majors are described in this section.

Student Departmental Advisors

Student Departmental Advisors (SDAs) are specially selected senior majors who are dedicated to nurturing interest in the subject of psychology.

Department Curriculum Committee

The Psychology Department Curriculum Committee (DCC) is dedicated to serve as a link between psychology faculty and students of Carleton College.

Olin Student Lounge and Olin 02

The area just outside of the Psychology offices is stocked with useful resources including bound copies of previous comps projects, quick current readings in psychology, journal articles written by the Psychology Department professors and reference books. Olin 02 is also available for students to use.

Psychology Department Student Travel

The psychology department has limited funds available to help support student travel to regional and national psychology research conferences to present co-authored research conducted with a Carleton psychology department faculty member.

These funds (generally up to $500) can be used by students to cover the following expenses:

  • airfare (least expensive fare)
  • shared accommodation (inexpensive hotel or AirBnB; generally not official conference hotel accommodation)
  • conference fees (registration, etc)

Additional funding is available to students that can demonstrate financial need (e.g., due to high conference fees or due to inability to cover additional expenses).

Students are expected to apply for other Carleton College conference travel funding, including:

Please fill out the Student Travel Funding form.

Administrative Office & Professor Offices

You can find the professor offices, administrative assistant and psychology department student workers in Olin 109-127. To schedule meetings with professors, see the profiles on the faculty/staff page or email them to set up a time and place to meet.

The Educational Associate’s office is Olin 127. This year, 2020-2021’s Educational Associate is Jade Ogilvie ’20.

Olin 04 – Mac Lab

The Mac Lab will be closed this term due to COVID-19 safety and precautions.

The Mac Lab contains Mac computers that can run in Mac OS or Windows.  Each computer has Microsoft Office Suite, SPSS, Prism, Sniffy the Virtual Rat, Audacity and Mathematica.  There is also a black and white printer for printing through PaperCut.