Strand, alumni, and current students present paper at Psychonomics and APCAM (Auditory Perception, Cognition, and Action Meeting)

9 November 2022

Associate Professor of Psychology Julia Strand, Violet Brown (’17), Katrina Sewell (’21), Maya Rogers (’22), Yuxin Lin (’24), Grace Farwell (’23), Gigi Paulig (’23), and Helen Hu (’23) present posters at two conferences in Boston this November. Sewell, Lin, Brown, and Strand present “Assessing the Effects of ‘Native Speaker’ Status on Classic Findings in Speech Perception” at the annual meeting the Auditory Perception & Cognition Society. Their study “empirically test[s] whether and how using different inclusion criteria (“native English speakers” vs. “non-native English speakers”) affects several well-known phenomena in speech perception research.” Their data “indicat[es] that multiple classic findings in speech perception research persist regardless of whether participants meet the commonly-used criteria to define ‘native English’ speaking status.”

With the poster “Audiovisual Benefit from Temporal Cues, Digitally-Generated Point Light Displays and Natural Faces,” Farwell, Paulig, and Hu present research from their team that also includes Strand, Jed Villanueva (’22), Rogers, Sewell, Xingyi Zhang (’24), Nic Berry (’24), and Brown at the annual Psychonomics conference. Exploring the relationship of visual information and speech intelligibility, “[their] findings have implications for understanding the mechanisms underlying audiovisual speech perception and also demonstrates a new method for generating digital stimuli for speech research.”

This research and travel to the conference is supported by a grant to Julia Strand from the National Institutes of Health via the National Institute on Deafness and Communication Disorders.