Associate Professor Mija Van Der Wege and Students Present Posters at Midwestern Psychological Association Annual Meeting in Chicago

5 May 2023

Mija Van Der Wege, associate professor of psychology, Amanda Lilienfeld ’23 and Samira Gado ’24 presented two posters at the annual meeting of the Midwestern Psychological Association in Chicago: “This statement is false: labeling lies doesn’t help,” and “We’re just too different: outgroups lead to underestimated conversational effectiveness.” This work was completed with fellow students and alumni: Henry Edmonds ’23, Rachel Block ’22, Lauren Carothers-Liske ’22, Rebecca Fox ’22, Miriam Freedman ’22, Kana Hashimoto ’24, Jordan Navarro ’22, Shaw Qin ’22, Nisha Rao ’22 and Charlotte Zinda ’22.