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Can I minor in psychology?

No, but the Cognitive Science, Neuroscience, and Educational Studies minors are closely related to the study of psychology.

Can I get credit toward the major for an Advanced Placement Psychology or International Baccalaureate Higher level course I took in high school?

If you received a 4 or 5 on the AP exam or a score of 6 or 7 on the IB exam you can take a mid-level psychology course. Upon passing the mid-level course, 6 credits and exemption for the PSYC110 course for your Advanced Placement Psychology course will be added to your transcript.

Can I S/CR/NC classes that count for the major?

No, you cannot S/CR/NC classes that count for the major.

How can I get connected to the Psychology Department in my first two years other than through course work?

  • Send a request to Jeanne Willcoxon
  • and ask to be added to the Psychology Interest list.
  • Watch for announcements about “Chew on This” discussions that you are invited to attend.
  • Attend events listed on our events page.
  • Apply to psychology research labs on campus (underclassmen, especially sophomores, are frequently accepted)

What courses can non-majors take?

PSYC 110–294 classes are open to all students. Many seminars are also open to non-majors but may require certain courses as prerequisites. Please review the course descriptions, and also talk to psychology faculty if you find a course that interests you but you are concerned about background.

Can I substitute MATH 215 or another statistics course for the statistics requirement?

No, PSYC 200 and 201 are required for the psychology major.