Can I minor in psychology?

No, but the Cognitive Science, Neuroscience, and Educational Studies minors are closely related to the study of psychology.

Can I get credit toward the major for an Advanced Placement Psychology or International Baccalaureate Higher level course I took in high school?

Students who have earned a 4 or 5 on the Psychology AP or 6 or 7 on the IB earn 6 college credits and may waive PSYC110. This means they can register for a 200-level course without having taken PSYC110 or seeking instructor permission. Registration happens via the normal process.

Can I S/CR/NC classes that count for the major?

No, you cannot S/CR/NC classes that count for the major.

How can I get connected to the Psychology Department in my first two years other than through course work?

  • Send a request to Jeni Sandau and ask to be added to the Psychology Interest list.
  • Attend events listed on our events page.
  • Apply to psychology research labs on campus (underclassmen, especially sophomores, are frequently accepted)

What courses can non-majors take?

PSYC 110–294 classes are open to all students. Many seminars are also open to non-majors but may require certain courses as prerequisites. Please review the course descriptions, and also talk to psychology faculty if you find a course that interests you but you are concerned about background.

Can I substitute MATH 215 or another statistics course for the statistics requirement?

No, PSYC 200 and 201 are required for the psychology major.

How do labs associated with courses work?

All Psychology labs are 2 credits. There are three different arrangements between courses and labs in the Psychology Department:

  • No lab: Some 200-level courses have no labs; students may only register for the class itself.
  • Optional lab: The 200-level course has a lab that is not required. Students can opt to take only the class or class+lab. On Enroll, the lab sections are labeled “Prerequisite: Requires concurrent registration in Psychology 2XX”.
  • Required lab: The 200-level course has a lab and students are required to enroll in both the class and the lab. On Enroll, the course will say labeled “Prerequisite: Requires concurrent registration in Psychology 2XX”.

Note some classes may be offered with a lab in some terms and without a lab in others. If you don’t see a lab listed in Enroll, it is a “no lab” course that term.