Distinction in the Major

Distinction in the Major is awarded at graduation to students who have received distinction on their integrative exercise (“Comps”) and who have recorded a grade point average of 3.5 in all courses in the major. Distinction decisions are made by an external panel of three faculty from other institutions and are announced in spring term.

Donald G. Patterson Award

The Donald G. Paterson Award is given annually to the “outstanding graduating psychology major in the state of Minnesota.” The award carries a prize of $350, a certificate, and a plaque that travels to the winner’s institution. It is awarded to a graduating senior who plans graduate study in the field.

2022 – Maya Rogers

2011 – Emily Cogsdill

2003 – Janice Hasset

2002 – Lisa Cadmus

1999 – Rebecca L. Reimer

1997 – Jeremy F. Gottlieb

1994 – Loren Frank

1993 – Lara S. Zuckert

John K. Bare Prize

The John K. Bare Prize honors Emeritus Professor John Bare. It is given each year to a graduating senior “who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in the study of psychology.” The recipient of the award receives a cash prize and has their name engraved on the plaque displayed in the Psychology department. Contact the department chair with any questions.

Maddy LoRusso '23
Maddy LoRusso ’23 2023 Award Recipient
Rachel Block '22
Rachel Block ’22 2022 Award Recipient
Maya Rogers '22
Maya Rogers ’22 2022 Award Recipient
Allison Corlett '21
Allison Corlett ’21, 2021 Award Recipient
Claire Guang '21
Claire Guang ’21, 2021 Award Recipient
Naseem Dilllman-Hasso '20
Naseem Dilllman-Hasso ’20, 2020 Award Recipient
Marshall Ma '19
Marshall Ma ’19, 2019 Award Recipient
Evan Anderson '18
Evan Anderson ’18, 2018 Award Recipient
Maryam Hedayati '18
Maryam Hedayati ’18, 2018 Award Recipient
Violet Brown '17
Violet Brown ’17, 2017 Award Recipient
Elissa Koele '17
Elissa Koele ’17, 2017 Award Recipient
Lydia Henderson '16
Lydia Henderson ’16, 2016 Award Recipient
Sophie Guterl '15
Sophie Guterl ’15, 2015 Award Recipient
Helen Strnad '14
Helen Strnad ’14, 2014 Award Recipient
Karen Eash '13
Karen Eash ’13, 2013 Award Recipient
Molly Farry-Thorn '13
Molly Farry-Thorn ’13, 2013 Award Recepient
Heather Hee Jin Yang '12
Heather Hee Jin Yang ’12 2012 Award Recepient
Hillary Wiener '11
Hillary Wiener ’11, 2011 Award Recipient