Rutgers Research Technician Position

24 April 2023

Genes and circuits underlying sleep regulation

The Stavropoulos laboratory at the Waksman Institute and Rutgers University is seeking a full-time research technician to perform research on the mechanisms that regulate sleep. Studies use the fruit fly Drosophila to characterize genes and neuronal circuits underlying sleep-wake cycles.

Bachelor’s degree in science and prior laboratory experience are required. Emphasis in molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, or neuroscience is helpful. Candidates should be highly motivated, enthusiastic about research, and able to work both collaboratively and independently. This opportunity provides an ideal training environment for those pursuing careers in scientific research and medicine.

Applicants able to make a two-year commitment are prioritized. Applicants should send a CV, transcript, and a list of references to Dr. Nicholas Stavropoulos.

Rutgers Research Technician

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