Videos from past events sponsored by the Psychology Department

Randy Engle: Working Memory and Executive Attention

Working Memory and Executive Attention: From Sleepy Pilots to the Wandering Mind A lecture by Randy Engle, Professor of Psychology, Georgia Institute of Technology Charles Dexter Lufkin III and Betty G. Lufkin Lectureship

Eve Clark: How Children Acquire Meaning

How Children Acquire Meaning: Adult Offers and Child Uptake A lecture by Eve Clark, the Richard W. Lyman Professor & Professor of Linguistics, Stanford University. How children learn to talk about the world through conversation with adults.

Why Your Cultures Clash & How to Break the Cycle by Alana Coner

Acquiring Misconceptions: The Role of Knowlege Neglect by Elizabeth Marsh

Tom Carr, To Really Learn

To Really Learn, Should I Quit Studying and Take a Test? by Tom Carr October 4, 2013

You Must Attend! What You Don’t Know About The Milgram Experiments by Neil Lutsky