Team-teaching provides important faculty development opportunities and enriches the curriculum, especially in interdisciplinary fields. We can support up to three new team-taught courses for 2023-24. 

Proposals for team-taught courses should be submitted by February 7, 2023. Please complete the Propose a New Course or Revise a Course form (available on the Registrar’s website). In addition, please send a brief memo with the following information to Associate Provost David Liben-Nowell:

  • an explanation of the pedagogical benefits of team-teaching in this particular case,
  • if relevant, how the proposed team-teaching will contribute to faculty development for those  involved,
  • how teaching credit will be allocated (full 6-credit course credit for each faculty member, partial course credit, etc.),
  • if this is envisioned as an on-going course, how it will be sustained in the future.

The Faculty Curriculum Planning Committee (FCPC) will review the proposals and select those to be supported. 

Priority will be given to proposals that entail pedagogical benefits not otherwise available, e.g., especially in interdisciplinary work, and that offer significant faculty development potential.

Please note that Associate Provost Liben-Nowell or Provost Michelle Mattson would be happy to consult with you at any time about team-teaching opportunities.