The Writing Program funds summer grant opportunities for faculty. Writing Across the Curriculum Grants will fund up to $1,000 per week up to $4,000 in the Summer of 2022 to:

a) design new courses with a significant writing component,

b) redesign existing courses to improve writing instruction and/or assessment

c) incorporate reflective writing into a new or existing course

d) develop writing instruction and/or assessment across majors or programs  

One grant can support an individual faculty member, or grants can be divided or combined for two or more faculty working in teams. Proposals from interdisciplinary teams or for department-wide projects are welcome.

Proposals may address courses at all levels, although preference will be given to proposals directed toward the Argument & Inquiry seminars, WR2 courses, courses that serve a significant role with a major curriculum, and projects that will affect multiple courses.

Grant recipients will be required to submit a short written report on their project by the end of fall term 2022. Recipients are also expected to participate in the scoring of sophomore writing portfolios in the summer of 2022. Portfolio scoring may be completed online and asynchronously.

Proposals will be reviewed by the WAC Advisory Board and the Faculty Curricular Planning Committee.  Deadline: February 7, 2022.

Please contact George Cusack, WAC Director (x4082) with questions about these grants.