We invite proposals for grants from several different Targeted Opportunity Faculty Development Funds. These grants are awarded for work that falls outside the more traditional scholarship and creative work supported by external grants and the large FDE grants. Proposals for Targeted Opportunity grants should contain the items listed in numbers 1-6 (including a curriculum vitae) under Large Faculty Development Endowment Grants.

One may apply for course release (one or two) or stipend support and/or expenses for any of the following purposes:

  1. Major curricular innovations (including those using new information technologies).
  2. New directions in scholarly or creative work that are not likely to result in a visible product at the end of the grant (as the large FDE grant requires).
  3. Mid-career shifts of scholarly or teaching field or sub-field (including, e.g., development of capability on new scientific instrumentation).
  4. Activities that would involve faculty interactions requiring a substantial commitment of time from one or two organizing faculty (such as seminars).
  5. Activities that would involve faculty-student interactions requiring a substantial commitment of time from one or two organizing faculty.
  6. Significant professional involvement in national or international organizations requiring a substantial time commitment.
  7. Supplements to a major external grant (e.g., to “top up” salary, provide benefits, and/or cover expenses).
  8. One might apply for two course releases for a single term and thus have a term “in residence,” freed from teaching courses but participating fully in advising, department and college activities, including committee work. Such a term would count for sabbatical eligibility (unlike leave terms).

Allocations for Targeted Opportunity Grants will be made by the Faculty Grants Committee. Proposals for any of these purposes should not exceed four pages.

Submit an electronic copy of your proposal to the Provost’s Office by September 9, 2022.  Also submit the electronic Internal Grant Application Cover Sheet.