The Alan R. and Katharine A. Muirhead Fund supports cross-departmental programs that explore the interface between the arts and the sciences – especially the physical sciences – and facilitate ways in which the two communities can learn from each other and collaborate to foster creativity at Carleton.  This fund supports existing or new initiatives including, but not limited to:

  • cross-departmental programming
  • course development and creation, including course releases to allow one or both of the departments to hire visiting faculty to “replace” the course(s) that the collaborating faculty members are not offering, travel for professional development opportunities, conferences, and training or to present results at professional meetings, and supplies and equipment to augment what departmental budgets can support
  • guest lecturers or visiting faculty members who can bring new knowledge and skills to campus, complementing faculty and staff members’ own knowledge and skills
  • performances, exhibitions, and seminars
  • research conducted by students and faculty that has the potential to lead to sustained curricular impact

Proposals must be co-sponsored by at least one faculty member from the arts and one faculty member from the sciences.  Grants ranging from $4,500-$10,000 will be awarded on an annual basis. Proposals should be submitted to the Provost, and grants will be awarded on an annual basis coinciding with the February curricular innovation grant deadline.