The Lilly Bayard Fund Supporting Research and Study is intended to implement academic projects that will expand Carleton’s classroom and experience-based offerings inspired by First Peoples’ culture and history. This gift supports faculty and students in the interdisciplinary study of indigenous peoples.  Funding uses may include active faculty-student research and civic engagement projects undertaken with indigenous peoples, internships or student research projects, off-campus study, and/or courses that consider questions of First Peoples’ adaptation to technological, cultural, economic, and political transitions.  Examples of uses of the fund include:

  • A student fellowship team (from, for example, sociology and anthropology, computer science, and digital humanities) to prepare for an interdisciplinary project that could lead to a comps project
  • Faculty-led student winter break trip to an indigenous community, i.e., a two- to three-week trip between related fall- and winter-term courses, which in combination creates a meaningful educational experience
  • A course release for faculty development to enhance or create course offerings
  • Scholar-in-residence lecturer and short visit (three to four days)
  • Faculty visitor for a one- to two-credit course expanding interest in the topic
  • Faculty visitor for one term and two courses

Requests will be considered on a rolling basis and should be submitted to the Provost’s office.