Grants from the Curricular Innovation Fund support projects including major curricular revisions for departments or programs, curricular innovations, and individual or team proposals to work on a specific course. Proposals may be submitted for group projects as well as individual ones. The Faculty Curricular Planning Committee will consider proposals in all areas, but will prioritize proposals that address issues of inclusion, diversity, and equity in the curriculum, including, but not limited to projects that develop new or revise existing courses to more deeply incorporate the scholarship and/or experiences of Black and other BIPOC people in the U.S.; that address the history of race and racism and/or the structures and operation of racism in the U.S. and globally; departmental or program projects to examine and revise curriculum to more fully recognize and incorporate the contributions of diverse groups to their field or discipline; pedagogical innovations to strengthen inclusion and equity in teaching and learning. An additional priority, grounded in a current Mellon Foundation grant, are projects that apply a humanistic lens to issues in science and technology. These issues can be contemporary or historical and include topics such as (but not limited to) artificial intelligence, machine learning, or robotics.

Curricular Innovation Grants will be awarded by the Faculty Curricular Planning Committee (FCPC) for the summer of 2024 or winter break of 2024-2025. Directors and participants can receive stipends of $1,000 per week of full-time work up to a maximum of $4,000 (please note that stipends are taxable). Generally, grants of $2,000 (two weeks’ support) will be available for individual course revisions; larger sums may be requested for development of new courses.  Note, however, that stipends will not normally be awarded for work that is considered an expected, regular part of faculty duties. Small sums for other expenses can also be provided (please note how much of your request is for expenses). The total grant may be larger than $4,000 for group applications.

Proposal deadline is February 5, 2024.