Curricular Grant Opportunities

Application Form for All Curricular Grants Deadline February 6, 2023

Other Internal Grant Opportunities

Cover Sheet for Other Internal Grant Opportunities – Deadline September 9, 2022

Broom Public Scholarship Project Grants

  • Requests for Broom funds to support public scholarship are accepted on a rolling basis.

Carleton Arts & Technology (CArtT) Grants

  • CArtT is a curricular initiative to foster integration of arts and technology on campus. Requests are accepted on a rolling basis.

Incubator Grants

  • Requests for incubator grants to foster pedagogical and curricular exploration and experimentation are accepted on a rolling basis.

Lilly Bayard Fund Supporting Research and Study

Muirhead Grants for Arts and Sciences Collaboration

National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity (NCFDD)

  • The NCFDD’s bootcamp program is for tenure-track and tenured faculty who are looking for a combination of empirically-tested skills and strategies to improve research productivity and to propel their work-life balance and personal growth. 

Puzak Fund for Experiential Learning and Community Engagement

  • Requests for Puzak funds are accepted on a rolling basis. 

Undergraduate Research

  • Faculty wishing to hire either a student research assistant to help with a particular project or engage students as collaborators in their research projects can apply for funding opportunities described on the Undergraduate Research For Faculty page.