We hope you find the following information helpful as you navigate your review process. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Becky Krogh (bkrogh or x4311).

General Review Guidelines

A continuing review is a performance review of a faculty member who is on a continuing lecturer appointment. It is con­ducted primarily by the department, with the help of the Office of Institutional Research and the Office of the Provost, with partici­pation by a member of the Faculty Personnel Committee and consultation with the Provost. The first Continuing Review is normally conducted during the faculty member’s third year of teaching at Carleton, with subsequent reviews in the faculty member’s sixth year, twelfth year, and every ten years thereafter. NB: The actual decision to reappoint a continuing lecturer, made by the Provost and based on enrollments and college needs and priorities, is independent of a recommendation to reappoint that may come from the department, as the outcome of a review. The goal of the review is to assess the faculty member’s performance in his or her job based on evaluation of all relevant aspects of that specific position.